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16 October 2022

Very Excited to share my Album Trailer with you.

Saviours has a lot to offer.

Let’s talk about the various styles of my Debut Album ‘Saviours’:
I wanted each song to be represented by the emotion of the song.
There are empowering songs with a heavy sound. You’ll hear nice e-guitars over fresh and modern beats.
Then we have songs with a very deep meaning, so we did some sounddesign and experimented with epic sounds to create the depth and atmosphere they needed.
Then we have the soul touching songs, who purely needed a piano and tons of harmonies. Yep, we even hired a whole choir on one of the songs.
And then we have the fun songs, who needed nothing than a raw organic sound. So we took the band in the studio to have some fun: we did it like back in the 70s and played it all on one take, until it’s done ?
I couldn’t decide on one style, sorry guys. But let me ask you honestly: Do you only have ONE EMOTION?
I doubt it ?
All over I would call the genre Melodic Rock/ Epic Blues with modern beats.
How does that sound?
At least I can promise you, you won’t get bored when listening to it.

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