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Everyone loves a secret

  1. everyone loves a secret 3:32
  2. Intro ELAS 0:42


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"This year I saw the best singers since Amy left us- Cheri Lyn from Germany!"

Sam Shaker, Disoverer and close friend of Amy Winehouse

"Once in a while, a voice is heard that has that rare ability to stop the listener in their tracks. With her creamy tone, powerful delivery and alluring beauty Cheri Lynn is such a rare find waiting to be discovered by a larger audience."

Paul Davies, Sunday Express

"Sweet honey wrapped around tempered steel.The looks of an angel, a voice that threatens to capture your very soul. Hopefully the next big thing in sultry, talented female singer- Songwriters! Keep a look out for Cheri Lyn!"

Bruce Mee, Editor of Fireworks Magazine

"Cheri Lyn's individual style and approach to transforming the past into the future of blues and soul with her original compositions coupled with energetic live shows, makes her an unique artist in todays contemporary live music scene!"

Ace, Guitarist Skunk Anansie

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