New Single- Everyone loves a secret

21 November 2018

My new single “Everyone loves a secret” will be available at all digital stores on November the 26th.

Read the story behind the song:

Let me introduce you to a SECRET:
It all starts with the feeling, that we face the hidden truth, but we can only suspect it. We step blind into an invisible reality. This uncertainty makes us scared and unsafe in the beginning, until the feeling of curiosity grows…
Curious? Stay tuned!
… to be continued … #Everyonelovesasecret

Attracted by the curiosity you suddenly get caught in a mysterious game, unsure which role you are playing. Is it forbidden, is it despicable, is it evil, is it dangerous? You realise it is too late to escape that seductive temptation…. To be continued. #Everyonelovesasecret

Until you know: You need to find out now! Willing to search for the hidden truth, you are ready to compete in this game. Aware of not knowing, how this journey will end, you start your mission of discovery. …to be continued…. #everyonelovesasecret

Haunt and Catch the Secret! What is it? It might be something big, something small, heavy or important. No one knows what’s kept inside. It can be hidden in a box, that will never be opened. But you got it, you found it. We all have it: We all carry a secret. What’s inside the box?….. to be continued.. #Everyonelovesasecret

Everyone loves a secret, we all do, it’s what makes people attractive and interesting and allows us to play games. But some secrets hide the truth and this is just a result of not having enough courage to take responsibility for your actions! Even if the truth is more obvious then we first think, we are scared to face reality and rather keep on playing that magical game of hunting black secrets. Until you suddenly get involved in someone else’s life and their secret becomes yours, too….
Curious what the SECRET is?… Staytuned…

NOW I will open my secret for you, because I have a message that everybody should hear!
I want to empower everyone to know your worth and value and respect those of the people around you! Speak up, if you’re not treated, the way you have deserved it, be brave to tell the truth, trust your feeling and listen to your heart!
It started with innocent exchange of contact details from a man who showed interest, in a way that was so different from everything I have experienced before: mature, positive, careful, grounded, motivating, grateful and warm- hearted. The attraction to him grew slowly and patient, and had developed to my daily dose of joy. Still I felt a shakiness in me, telling me, something is strange. How could this be true, I thought, if he treats me with so much attention and warmth? My heart was tempted to meet him and not only the ocean, that laid between us, would stop me. A weekend in the city of dreams and finally seeing him again. I was overflowed with emotions when I met him.
But why was I still feeling shaky, it was like an earthquake in me. I felt that he hides a secret. That feeling never left me, even when I was back at the other side of the world again.
One day, then all of a sudden, I woke up and I knew a storm would come. I received a message from his wife.

I felt like the world had come crashing down on me.
She was asking me, who I was and what it was between us and wanted to meet me in person. I felt her anger, fear, sadness and pain. I was in a shock. I felt guilty, cheated, hurt, and unsafe, not knowing how to react and if I should answer her. I let him know about her request, that I feel guilty, didn’t know what’s going on and that I wouldn’t want to be involved in their crazy games of their still existing marriage!

Until now I haven’t replied to her, nor have I heard anything back from him.
I left it for good and suffered through my experience, have learned and grown through it.
I have never intended to destroy a relationship, neither do I now, as I am a strong believer of nostalgic values like true love, family, friends and the simple things in life.

My Debut EP „Love&Secrets“ is all about my experiences, failures and growth from love. It’s not a revenge, it is a release. I have learned that you should always be honest and treat everyone fair, especially when it comes to something so sensible like love. Courage is the key to stand for yourself , be responsible for your actions and take over the control of your life.

He might will keep me as his secret in his life, but let me tell you my secret: You better don’t mess up with a songwriter, they might release a song about it!
#Everyonelovesasecret. – OUT on November the 26th.


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