My recent Music Inspirations

4 November 2021

These artists inspire my recent Music Sound…

Ever wonder, how an artist actually writes its music?

Of course we all have idols and we all use the music of others to create our own inspiration.

As you all know i have three goddesses, who have highly influenced my artistry: TINA TURNER, Aretha Franklin and Janis Joplin. All three have written music history. All three were enormous strong and influential women who empowered women around the world.

But to compete in the modern music industry, you need to be innovative and get your own new sound. And there are amazing modern artists with the same qualities, on the way to become a legend, too.

Here are my Top 5:

  1. Beth Hart

There is Beth Hart. She is probably one of the Top Modern Blues Vocalists out there right now. I had the chance to interview her and to see her live in 2016. Never has a singer moved me so much. She has an immense talent for singing, songwriting and playing the piano, yet she is purely emotional and has a huge heart. Already the interview with her has a been an emotional roller coaster. For me she is a born legend and probably one of the best singers in general in the world.

2. Larkin Poe

Two sisters with two great voices and two guitars. Sounds simple, right? What these two incredible girls are capable of playing, is beyond simple. They are ultra skilled in their instruments. They play the old tunes from Jimmy Hendrix and Led Zepplin like a genius. They are the perfect example of a Modern Blues/ Rock artist: Self- made Rockstars  by filming their performances in their bedroom. Their own unique sound is combined with very cool beats underneath or they keep it rare and rough like back in the days. On stage, in their bedroom or on a recording, these two girls are a MUST Hear & Watch.

3. Rival Sons

What can I say? Whenever I listen to this band, I get such an energy kick, that I need do something. Usually I listen to them in the gym or when I run. I LOVE LOVE LOVE their energy in their music, in the lead vocals, the guitar. Everything is so empowering and so real. Better listen to it yourself, but be aware, they will heat up your fire!

4. Hozier

Talking about emotions, he probably moves me the most. His music is soulful, his voice goes straight into my heart. He is the perfect example, of how successful and commercial Modern Blues music can be. With his first hit ‘Take me to Church’ he received worldwide No1. Hozier combines Blues, Rock, Soul and Gospel in such a modern way. Yet he is so unique and has invented his very own Hozier- Genre .


Now this is different from everything you have heard so far, yet has Eivor such a massive influence on my music. Eivor is an epic artist from little Faroe Island. She combines her tribal sounds with crazy epic effects. Actually she uses her traditional nordic music and makes it her own. Haunting Viking Sounds, Deep Emotions, A great Voice, unique Songwriting Styles and a massive atmospheric production.

Somehow I feel so connected to this kind of music, that’s why WARRIOR will also be very epic. I haven’t been to the Faroe Islands yet myself, nor to any Scandinavian countries, but somehow I feel a very very deep belonging to there. Maybe one of my ancient lives? And maybe that is the reason, why I created that whole WARRIOR picture? Who knows, we will see where the journey will take me.

But if you want to travel into a whole new and different world, go check out the amazing EIVOR


Now if you want to know, how that sounds like, go check out my latest Release Cold Red Rain.

This is were we already combines all of the Modern Blues/ Rock, Emotions, Epic and Atmospheric Sounds.

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