Debut EP “Secret Love” is coming

21 October 2018

I am thrilled to announce that my debut EP will be available from November the 19th on.

You can preorder for a discounted price.

Per Sold EP I will donate 10% to an educational development organisation in Kenia (Watato).

My EP is about my experiences, failures and about growth from love with the message to listen to your heart and to stand up for your values.


  •  Recorded at Metropolis Studios London
  • Produced and Mixed by Gez Walton and Josh George Travis
  • Mastered by ‘Unlock your Sound’- Chris Pavey
  • Music by Cheri Lyn
  • Lyrics by Ani Dita and Cheri Lyn
  • Graphics by Sarah Dischinger
  • Pictures by JKO Artworx
  • Musicians: Mikey Christer, Rory Jones on Guitar, Saray Ezra, Matteo Peronaci on Bass, Marcello Pezzutto, Cheri Lyn on Keyboard/ Piano, Thomas Helbig on Hammond, James Paton, Juancar Uris, Sebastien Zaugg on Drums, Cheri Lyn on Lead-/ Backing Vocals

About the songs:


‘Everyone loves a secret’ is about the attraction to play with the fire. Your feeling tells you that something is wrong, but that makes you even wanted more. Even if you think it is a person you trust, you can’t watch inside. Willing to find out what that secret is, you go on a dangerous journey.

Until you realise, that you the secret in that game have been you all the time!


During a trip to Chicago, I got inspired by the sounds and the sultry atmosphere of those legendary blues Clubs. In that time I was careless about any emotional love story, however I was still expecting to be treated respectfully. It is a time where you can climb through many ups and downs and you learn a lot about yourself. But no matter which stone hit me, I knew that I can always rely on the important people in my life: My girls!


This is about the time you just can’t get out of that whole of disappointment and depression. My medicine is to write songs about it and I want to share that feeling, cause I know that many people suffer with these emotions. You are not alone. Keep on fighting and when you fall once, let’s stand up twice!


Another song that formed itself during the trip to the states. The lyrics were written by my cousin and best friend Ani Dita. She was caught in a toxic relation ship, and although you know someone is bad for you, it is like an addiction, were you can’t get out. ‘Bro Apes’ is the short version of ‘Brother Apes’ and describes the behaviour of people within a group running around and beating on other people’s emotions to strengthen their lack of self esteem.

I put the music underneath the words and wanted to create a crazy feeling like being on a trip, where your head can’t stop turning and there seem to be no way out.


This song means the world to me. I wrote it together with Ani. The title came up on my mind, long before the story came. I just finished my last day to begin a new chapter of my life, which was moving to London for the music, to live my dream. I was driving these roads in Germany for so long on my own. In that last night in Germany I drove on an empty road until a huge American truck appeared in front of me. I just thought: Wow he looks like the King of the Road.

And with that saying, I looked back, what I left behind, what I have achieved, and how I always imagined my life to be. Then I realised, we are all Kings and Queens of our roads. We all can steer the wheel and drive to wherever we want to drive, take which ever road of life, we want to take. We only live once, so make the most out of every day and enjoy every moment!


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